Translating scientific research, socio-cultural trends and technological innovation into the world of food, creating a healthy, sustainable & delicious future

What We Do

What will we snack on in 2030? Could we hack our own digestive system? What if we move the farm into the city? Can we eat ourselves to happiness? Can we build a farm under water? How can we feed 9 billion people in 2050? What if we preserve food instead of waste it? What could be new, sustainable sources of green protein? And could these be personalized to my health goals and flavor preferences? Can something nutritious be equally delicious?

The Studio

The Eatelier is a food design studio, which aims to develop a sustainable, healthy and delicious future of food. We intend to provide a needed contribution for understanding the planetary crises we are facing today in relationship to our food and we achieve this by building a bridge between scientific research, socio-cultural trends, technological innovation and the gastronomic world. Our connection with the gastronomic field is rooted in the understanding that social change and progress is largely motivated by the human need for creativity, aesthetics and pleasure, therefore we aim to create an exciting and delicious version of our future.

We achieve this by developing research, analysis and interdisciplinary insights, which then are translated into innovative food and hospitality concepts or compelling culinary experiences for a wide variety of audiences.

Furthermore, The Eatelier produces publications and lectures in order to spread this knowledge and ignite an inclusive discussion within the fields of food, design and science.

In order to be able to offer a wide and specialized variety of skills and knowledge, the studio collaborates with academics, scientists, chefs and hospitality professionals in order to bridge the gap between the gastronomic field, the academic world and a diverse number of industries.

The studio is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands but works worldwide.

The designer

The Eatelier is run by Katinka Versendaal, a fooddesigner with a background in MA Food Design & Innovation from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and a BA Product Design from Design Academy Eindhoven. She founded food design studio The Eatelier in 2016.

She is a self-proclaimed ‘gastronomic futurologist’ with a curiosity for what is going on in the world of food; the developments in the techno-scientific field and socio-cultural trends and what this will mean for the way we eat, nowadays and in the future.

“As a designer, I feel it is my purpose to connect the tendencies of current socio-cultural phenomena and exciting new scientific developments with tangible, understandable interventions. The aim is to translate these findings from the theoretical, cold world of techno-scientific research, into more practical and relatable additions to everyone’s daily lives.”

The designer Katinka Versendaal

The clients & collaborators