Watch it Eat it Drink it

In collaboration with arthouse movietheater Natlab in Eindhoven, we organized a culinary movie night where you not only watch the movie but also taste it. A menu of 1 cocktail and 4 appetizers are composed exclusively for this night and inspired by the current movie. We serve these appetizers during the movie to complete the experience, so watch it = eat it & drink it!


We were wondering if we could intensify the movie experience by adding in another sense to experience it with. This resulted in these fun and experimental movie nights, where the movie determines the menu. Imagine watching the main character of Estomago fall in love with a prostitute while eating the same pasta as they are, or seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox by Wes Anderson and being able to eat the cookies from Mrs. Bean, or even watching La Grande Bellezza where they discuss how risotto is always better the second day while you are eating second-day-risotto arancini (famous Italian risotto snack).

Graphic art gallery

Watch it Eat it Drink it started out in the middle of the exhibition space at graphic art gallery Kelderman & van Noort. It became a monthly event that would serve 30 guests. December 2015 till August 2016

Images: Ralph Roelse

Images: Nacor Martina

Arthouse filmtheater

Due to the growing succes of the movienight at the gallery we moved to a bigger venue, the arthouse filmtheater Natlab in Eindhoven. Here we have the capacity of 50 guests. September 2016

Images: Tiny Mountain

Hottub movienight

The Effenaar, the main stage for popular and alternative music in Eindhoven hosts a Hottub Cinema week and invited Watch it Eat it Drink to be responsible for the organization of one of those nights. Expecting 2×120 guests. Januari 2017

Images: Patrick Spruytenburg