Tastelab Workshop

Test the range of your tastebuds

You probably already know that sound and colors have a certain range. Dogs can hear better than humans and a lot of animals can see different colors then we do. This is because they have a different range than we have. Did you know that taste also has a range? And that range isn’t the same for everyone. So what we taste isn’t necessarily the same as what our neighbor experiences.
During the TasteLab workshop we test what kind of “taster” you are.
And when we have determined this, based on your so-called “taste profile”, we are going to make a cocktail specially tailored to your natural preferences.


By putting scientific knowledge and experiments in practice, and applying this to our guests. We test 2 main pointers; the amount of taste buds present on a marked area on the tongue and how well bitterness is perceived. Once these test results are known, we combine them to see in which range of ‘tasters’ they fit. We classify them from pastel, colored and bright to neon tasters, as a reference to the way our eyes perceive color. This way, it is clear that pastel-tasters are having taste perceptions that are soft and comfortable, not intense, where on the other hand the neon-tasters perceive taste a lot better, more intense, like the heavy impact of neon colors.

After determining your taste profile we know a lot more about your natural preferences for bitterness, but also how well you tolerate sweet or acidic flavors and how much your value textures over taste. This way we can estimate your taste preferences and prepare you something that we know for sure you will like.

This resulted in a workshop and a test bar / cocktail bar, where after testing we would prepare the perfect cocktail for you.


September – December 2016

For whom?

STRP Technology Festival