Future of Food – Design Dinner Experience

“What will we eat in 2050?” Creative chef PIPPENS & food design studio THE EATELIER joined forces to give answers to this question with a delicious culinary event that takes place in the midst of the creative workspaces of collaborating designers on the Sectie-C terrain in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
They created the “Future of Food”, a dinner experience that translates their research about the future of food into a 16 course sharing dinner with new, delicious & nutritious ingredients and eating experiences. All this will be in dialogue with the designer, who invites you into their workspaces and take place at their tables, so you can see how they imagine, think, re-think and consider everything and help us imagine an exciting, interesting and more sustainable future.

By joining forces the talents of both the food designer and the chef are being amplified by each other. The Eatelier developed a research into the future of food, highlighting topics like food waste, biodiversity, urban farming and green protein in context of a growing world population, a changing climate, strong urbanization and a need for sustainability. The conclusion of that research results in ingredients, preparation methods and an entirely new philosophy for the culinary world of the future. Together with PIPPENS, translating this into dishes that are both enjoyable but come with a strong message with the intention to create a pleasant, exciting but eye-opening evening for our guest and start the discussion around the future of our food.

Collaboration between The Eatelier & PIPPENS
Food Design & Hospitality team: Lucia Amaddeo, Claire Chao, Joaquim Fernandez, Christie Liberatore
Studiospace used from designers: Nacho Carbonell, VANTOT, Studio Plott, Meesterkox & Hal G