Remedy bar

“We are not going to give you what you want, but we are going to give you what you need.”

Do you have an exam tomorrow and would you like a Smart Brain? Been stressed out and would you like some Calmness? Getting ready for summer and prefer a Skinny Waist? Or do you feel a cold coming up and would you like an Immune System Boost? 

The Remedy Bar is our new concept pop-up bar where you tell us what you need, and we make a cocktail for your personal health goals.  Research shows that certain ingredients are connected to certain health benefits. We used this newfound knowledge to develop 4 cocktails, made from high quality products, to serve you the drink that you need.

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Smart brain: 
Coffee is associated with alertness, improving the processing speed of the brain and dark chocolate is associated with improved learning abilities and better performances during complex mental tasks. Therefore we created a cocktail out of dark rum, coffee liquor and a bitter of Aztek chocolate.

Immune System Boost:
The widespread use of concentrated extracts from plants, mainly herbs and spices, for medicinal purposes and immune system boosts is well known. Plants which are high in bitters often contain many antioxidant phytochemicals, which are associated with creating resilience in the immune system. Often these extracts come with strong but refined bitter flavors, and because of this, they also have been introduced in the world of mixology to add a specific flavor edge to drinks. We combine the bitter, herbal liquor Campari with red vermouth and topped it off with a few drops of orange bitters, a play on the iconic Italian cocktail, the Negroni.

Elderflower has been associated with calming, anti inflammatory effects and improved breath flow. We combined this with gin and peach bitters. Peaches, and their genetic relatives seeds known as almonds, contain high levels of magnesium, which is known for relieving anxiety. We created a play on the classic Gin & Tonic by introducing elderflower tonic and peach into this wildly popular cocktail.

Skinny Waist:
Research suggests that eating grapefruit before meals would help to burn fat and lose weight. Over the last decades, the grapefruit has been included in a great variety of weight loss diets, which motivated us to play with a Mexican classic, the Paloma, by combining pink grapefruit juice with tequila and a few drops of Tabasco. Spicy foods like Tabasco would stimulate your digestion and help you burn more calories.